E/S 6: Bearwalk

E/S 6: Bearwalk (2015)

Deerwalk, the project I developed in/for/with the so-called “land of deer”, was re-located to Berlin, a city also named after and represented by an animal extinct from its grounds.

Taking cues from what took place in Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal almost ten years earlier (as well as from my day-long Drift to Moabit a few days before), Berlin-based performance artist Jörn Burmester and I walked a 30 km-long path to trace the silhouette of the city’s coat of arms. Jörn was wearing pair of bear claw slippers, and I a photographic camera with which to shoot the action. The general public was invited to join the walk whenever, wherever and for however long they wanted.

(This project is part of the Circle of Ero-/Surrogation performance series.)




(More details and photos soon.)


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Special thanks: Tristan Deschamps, Leen Horsford, Brian McCorkle, Lise Mignon, Esther Neff, Oliver Staadt
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