You & I will walk you home

You and I will walk you home (in Besançon)

Exactly two years after my residency at the Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik in Berlin, I decided to put back into play one of the frameworks I devised during that time in order to continue my exploration into the mechanics and dynamics of one-on-one cooperation and host-guest relationships.

On April 2015 I travelled to Besançon in southern France, where I took four walks around the city accompanied by one blindfolded local resident at a time. Each journey started at a landmark selected by each of the volunteers, and through a process of co-guidance (i.e. the route was devised and calibrated on the go based on the interweaving of verbal descriptions and recollections), we made our way to each of their doorsteps. I wore a time-lapse camera on my forehead to document our movements around the city and the particular perspective of my position(s). The resulting videos were projected at the end of the week. Additionally, I recorded our conversations with the intention of transcribing them.

My co-walkers were Marc Batifouyé, Erwan Péron, Maxime Duchanoy, and Ioanna Crugel.




(More details and videos coming soon.)


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This performance was part of the project NETTING THE WORK curated by Eva Giannakopoulou and Rilène Markopoulou in the context of Excentricités Performance Festival. Photos by Eva Giannakopoulou and Aleks Slota. Special thanks: Marc Batifouyé, Julien Cadoret, Ioanna Crugel, Maxime Duchanoy, Tatiana Ilichenko, Rilène Markopoulou, Moritz Metzner, Persefoni Myrtsou, Danae Nagel, Erwan Péron, Aleks Slota, and Oliver Staadt.
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