E/S 15: Laughing

E/S 15: LAUGHING (2015)

The piece which Florian Feigl chose for me to surrogate is part of a body of about three hundred video sequences which will eventually come together in a 24-hour experimental video film titled “300”. It consists in laughing at one’s mirror image for five (extremely gruelling) minutes.

DSCF3570 (1)

(This performance is part of the Circle of Ero-/Surrogation series.)

(Video and more details coming soon.)


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Photo by Oliver Staadt. Special thanks: Adrian Brun, Jörn Burmester, Tristan Deschamps, Wanda Dubrau, Florian Feigl, Francesca, Camilla Graff Junior, Leon Heidenreich, Vincent Henaff, Lan Hungh, Lise Mignon, Aleks Slota, Oliver Staadt, Luca Ugolini, Joël Verwimp
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