Two Loop Walks


Inspired by Escher’s representation of the one-sided surface, ‘Möbius Strip Walk” is a series of nine stills repeated over and over. An indirect self-portrait as an ant walking a never-ending loop.


“Mercury Retrograde” is a term used to describe the apparent backward motion of the planet, an effect that has been compared to a slow moving train as viewed from another train traveling parallel to it but faster, and therefore appearing to be moving in reverse.  Inspired by Eadward Muybridge’s motion studies, the video consists of a double loop of 12 sequential stills.



Produced with the support of Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico. Special thanks: Príamo Lozada, Manolo Arriola, Lauro Bautista, Tania Palacios, Yazmín Daher, hnos. González Yedra and Dulce E.
Two Loop Walks | 2002 | footings, – all –