Phoenix Trees

This is an ongoing site-specific project first developed during a residence at the Banff National Park, in the Canadian Rockies. The idea is to use materials derived from the same objects to be (re-)presented (i.e. trees), thus (per)forming a ‘circle of conservation’ of both matter and form.


Step 1: Long walks to identify the local species.

Step 2: Collection and classification of samples (i.e. fallen branches, etc.).

Step 3: Carbonization of the selected materials.

Step 4: Reconstruction of the specimens in their actual size.

Result 1:

a 15 meter douglas fir ‘rising from its own charcoal’. (Detail)



With support from The Banff Centre for the Arts + Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA).
Phoenix Trees | 2002 | footings, tracings, – all –