For the sake of brevity and legibility, we, Joel and Ilya, declare that the kick off of our performance took place on February 18, 2015, which is when we first got together to talk/walk/work/play around the notion of post-coital tristesse. Since then, we have been developing and sustaining a shared weekly practice, co-building a field where to talk/walk/work/play out what we are (provisionally) calling “strategies of continuation”. On May 16, 2015, we will hold another of our meetings to continue kicking, throwing and blowing balls at each other, and experimenting with other different ways to keep things (a)live . The difference is that on that particular day we will slow down and open up our back-and-forthing for other people to walk/talk/work/play; to become part. In other words, the meeting at Meinblau is not the “climax” of our entanglement, just as the three months leading to it are not mere “foreplay”. We’re simply arresting and sharing a moment.


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This project was presented in the frame of EXstat2's "Performance Collaboration Tales / Post-Coital Tristesse" during MPA-B 2015 Photos by Adriana Disman and Oliver Staadt. Special thanks: Lan Hungh, Delphine Marinier.
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