Zirkel 2.0

This is the second series of experiments in the collaborative project with Vanessa Enríquez inspired by the notion of the body as compass.

Zirkel 2.0 tracks three bodies via two large ephemeral chalk drawings realized on site at the Galerie Kollaborativ in Berlin, one of which was rehearsed/performed daily during the week leading up to the opening date (December 14, 2012) and was continued to be erased, re-performed and photographed for the next 7 days. The other drawing, double in size, is the result of 7 experiments that were documented in detail to offer an in-depth view into our process.




(More images coming soon.)

Special thanks: Eyal Dinar, Alanna Lawley, Vera Schöpe, Oliver Staadt, Galerie Kollaborativ.
Zirkel 2.0 | 2012 | co-laborings, footings, tracings, – all –