Much more than a mere extension of my artistic practice, or a “tool” with which I “discover” or “apprehend” site, walking is a distinct way I think(and)make. After all, sites as active agents with permeable bodies, not mere backdrops or contexts. Walking, therefore, is a conversation, a reciprocal and simultaneous act of shaping and being shaped, a situated and embodied/enminded way of reading and writing.

Paraphrasing Rousseau, I can only think/make when I walk and/or talk. When I stop, I cease to think/make; I can only attend in dialogue. This is why I decided to build a portable scrolling device able to continuously feed me paper and with which I can track the path I/my eyes/my thoughts travel as I move about. The Scroller allows me to trace (in) a non-linear yet continuous single-line way, without having to lift my pencil or pen or look down to turn the pages of a notebook. The plan is that the next version(s) will have the ability to automatically vary the speed of the paper’s movement based on how fast or slow I go.


(More soon.)

 In cooperation with Ken Campbell

Photos by Ken Campbell and Alanna Lawley.
S(c/t)roller | 2012 | footings, tracings, – all –